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Manakeep 728x90
By Hancok on Jan 17, 2013 at 08:54 PM
Mio primo tentativo da Role-Player, con il background di Hancok (burglar).


Solo un commento da parte mia:
Fantastico ... è sminuirlo ma non mi viene altro aggettivo!!!
Bellissimo!!! :D
Una storia veramente simpatica e bella! Complimenti!
Con finale commovente...
Ma che bello Han :)
Spell Binding Pictures!!! Love the Music!!! Enjoyed the Journey, May there be many more!!! :D
Grazie :)

For our english friends:

Google translator with Alakin's aid- ( / = next picture,text)

Hello everyone / my name is Hancok, /and this is my story./
I was born in the slums of Bree in an unfortunate period for Middle-earth./
Like everone these days, I had learn to take care of myself and to face the challenges of a life of hardship./

But I feel lucky because even as a child I had a talent:/ I can Hide myself in the Shadow!/
In my hometown I used my ability to survive./ I was living by taking in "loan" from the wagons of merchants and the noble lords./
Burgle is an ART, not many are able to do it and even fewer know how to do it with style!/
After all the things I did well... until .../

I did not try to pickpocket the wrong person!/
He was walking in the area of ​​prisons. Was a man, not too young but exuded an air of respect and daring./
By his gait imagined it was a Captain/ It seemed a perfect target, hoping he would have carried some kind of wealth./
Still I do not understand how he could see me!/

I never failed! I was afraid of being brought before the Second-watcher and spend the rest of my days in the cold cells of Bree./
The Captain, however, surprised me. He offered me a deal:he would not have denounced me in front of the law if I agreed to put myself on the road with him to Middle-earth./
It was not a pleasant decision, but what do you want me to say? Freedom is all about! And then after all I had nothing to lose .../
Oh I forgot, his name was Zorz./

So we set off on a journey of adventure and even treasures!/For riches, I developed my Art of Walking in the Shadows!/

To face the hordes of trolls/ dragon/ and creepy creatures/ I had to take up weapons./
I had never thought of doing it./ Up to that moment I had been sufficient to rely only on my agility/
I've tried various forms and types of weapons and think by now i have found the right ones to me!/
Now I'm so good at hide myself from view as well as to handle knives!/

After days or even months of adventures we reached finally the city of Galtrev./
Here a myriad of creatures of all kinds appeared before our eyes./ Men from the most various skill,/ elves tsk ..high and snooty/, dwarfs of the rough manners/ and insignificant creatures with a height of not even 1 meter, defined as Hobbit./
Too many people, too much confusion! I was not used to it! I needed to figure it out!/
And the fate opened a new door .../

With a bit of impatience, i need to ask to the first creature that I encountered!/
He was an elf, blonde with a cadaveric colour, his name was Alakin./
Differently from what I expected from an elf, he was nice and not too opinionated/ he even invited me to join his group of adventurers, leaded by the Elf healer named Eiluned ./
While been a cluster of unusual creatures, different in nature and character, it is now my home./

Since then I have always faced new challenges /with new traveling companions /and my band of adventurers/ and i'm ready to face new challenges!/

P.s. recently turned up a new aspirant of the "Lurking in the Shadows" art, has very little experience but he'll learn./
But I advise you not to challenge him in the game of dice ... is a formidable gambler!

This is my story/ And remember .. /even if you do not see anyone, not let your guard down /... you are not alone!//
Che peccato non aver notato questo video finora :D molto molto bello! A quando il prossimo?
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